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The Installation consists of two works, a paper wall perforated with a thick needle, showing silhouettes of people. The other part is a video made of different security camera screenshots recorded in the Viennese metro system. The video,the mass of people is projected on the perforated paper, and is filtered through the holes, creating a new video on the wall behind. Everything is moving and translucent. Visitors will be part of the nomads since their body will be just another projection-surface. In a big city I always find myself in the middle of an anonymous mass of people. Concentrating on one person, following their path, record traces which will be overwritten by another movement in the next minute. Are public places really a creation of impersonality?
Pictures: (1)-(3) Nomades, © C. Kehrer 2012 (4)-(7) Sketch, Drawing on paper, © C.Kehrer 2012 exhibited at Galerie Stephan Stumpf. 2011