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Exhibition workshops in search of unusual visual experiences, imaginary spaces and the substance(s) that identities are made of.

We are living in a world of constant change: working conditions, (family) relationships, and the technological foundations of our social interactions are all in flux. How does the transitory nature of our times influence the ways in which identification – of a self, of “others”, and of commonalities and communities – happen? During the workshop, we will traverse the stages, imaginary spaces and altered states of consciousness present in the videos by Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz and may, with some luck, catch a glimpse of future subjects and objects of desire.

Workshops in collaboration  Andrea Hubin, Daniela Fasching, Christina Kehrer, 2015

Pictures: (1)-(6) Pictures from Various Workshops at Kunsthalle, Vienna, © C.Kehrer