the main thing is you´ve got work

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Exhibition based on  25 interviews with art students about work, Christina Kehrer, 2014

Performance/ Exhibition setting in collaboration with Bernadette Laimbauer and Eliska Stejskalova

Pictures : (1) Exzerpt of an interview, © C. Kehrer, 2014

(2) Performance “doing nothing” © B.Laimbauer, E.Stejskalova, C.Kehrer

(3) (4)  (5)Exhibtion at Gallerie Bokboden/Gallerie FISK, Bergen, Norway 2014, Picture: © C. Kehrer

“A factory, so to speak, but a different one. It is still a space for production, still a space of exploitation and even of political screenings. It is a space of physical meeting and sometimes even common discussion. At the same time, it has changed almost beyond recognition. So what sort of factory is this?” Hito Steyerl, Is a Museum a factory? “the main thing is you ́ve got work”