Collaborative Practice, Knotting Hill. Mind is the nexus from which nature emerges


T. Widmann, D. Stuhlpfarrer, M. Barthofer, D. Conditt, A. Demmelbauer, L. Egger-Karlegger, M. FoeSSl, S. Hirschvogel, C. Kehrer, G. Wolf University of Applied Arts Vienna,

Contribution and Workshop for Figures of Conjunction Experience and Interest in Politics, Theory, and Art “A temporary free academy” Kunstverein Nürnberg, 18. 11. 2014 – 22. 11. 2014 A cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg/theory seminar, Helmut Draxler, and the Kunstverein Nürnberg – Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft




Collaborative Film Piece HD Video 25 min

When a HD-Videocamera produces an image of a landscape that we, with our human perception, can not see as such, what do we actually see? A landscape that is more real than the one we see with our own eyes? Or a landscape that only exists when the HD-camera is watching it? And what is a landscape anyway, if neither we nor the camera look at it?

The short film – conceived and realized as a collaborative production – takes up some of the questions raised by the Correlationist Manifesto and will be a junction of our researches into heterogeneous topics, including inhuman landscapes, Lacanian knot-theory, cybernetic systems and the state and poiesis of an object. Figures of relation, links and knots – literal and symbolic, tangible and artificial – do not only work as models but become agents in their own right. Due to our background in a program that is oriented towards the communication or mediation of art, our specific focus will be the space between the abstract conception and the visual perception of an object, such as a landscape or knot.

To highlight important questions that occurred during this project, we want to offer a series of additional sessions. We propose to watch selected films and read some scraps of poetry and fiction that touch on our theoretic interests while they offer another perspective on Knotting Hill.

The particular group practice, a collective activity, consisted of researching and producing visual material, reading texts, but also watching and discussing related films. This practice became a tool for gathering and exploring knowledge but also the basis for producing a (filmic) piece together.

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(2014) Knotting hill As a model of- Presentation at D´art

We (a teacher and student group from the Institute of Art, Science and Education at the University of Applied Arts Vienna) will present a specific model of teaching art at university level. This model interfaces critical reflection of (art) theory and aesthetic forms with the production of a form itself. What kind of knowledge production does it promote? What kind of aesthetic forms can it generate? As an example and an incentive for discussion, we will show the short film “Knotting Hill”. Mind is the nexus from which nature emerges. The film stages an aesthetic form that is a proposition, interrogation and enactment at the same time (fig.1); yet it is equally important that it is based on collaborative practice. As such it not only connects varied researches and interests but also brings to the fore the way the different approaches affect each other and generate a specific outcome, that enables individual practices and heterogeneous perspectives to remain visible while they inform and are informed by the collective undertaking. This model also undermines the insistence on individual singular authorship that persists in art production and art teaching. Issues in contemporary art and (art) theory are the reference point for this adumbrated model of teaching art. In the specific case of “Knotting Hill”, we critically questioned the theory of Speculative Realism which has had a significant impact on recent discussions in the art field and been directly connected with specific aesthetics, such as Post-Internet Art.

Pictures: (1) (2) Close Reading Sessions at “Eine freie Akadademie auf Zeit” Kunstverein Nürnberg 2014, © Dominik Conditt

(3) (4) (5) Stills from Knotting Hill. Mind is the Nexus from Which Nature emerges, © T. Widmann, D. Stuhlpfarrer, M. Barthofer, D. Conditt, A. Demmelbauer, L. Egger-Karlegger, M. FoeSSl, S. Hirschvogel, C. Kehrer